Beauty Mouse Micro Needles Derma Roller for Stretch Mark

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Safely and easily reduce wrinkles, improve hydration, and maximize the absorption of beneficial ingredients for your body cream. This is a roller designed to treat stretch marks, scars, and cellulite on your belly, back, thighs and buttocks.

With the microneedles, it penetrates into the top skin layer to promote blood flow, microcirculation and stimulate your skin’s own regeneration process. With a total of 1380 microneedles on three rollers, the roller was made to treat large skin areas on your body. Its microneedles have a length of just 0.2-0.5 millimeters and the application is virtually pain-free.

Solutions for:

  • Cellulite
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles

Depending on your skin’s texture, you can start to feel the effects of using the mouse derma roller after a few weeks and see how smooth and healthy your skin appears.


  • 3 rollers
  • 1380 non-traumatic, medical-grade microneedles, which are 0.2-0.5mm long
  • Designed to treat larger areas of the body (belly, back, thigh, buttocks)

Using Instructions:
Clean your hands and the part that needs to be cured.
Use the cleansing and anti-bacterial gel to wipe your hand and skin
Use 75% alcohol to flush the roller.
You should use some skin care products before using them.
Use your other hand to stain your skin and roll before and after over the part to be cured.
Roll 4 times in every direction.
Put enough pressure and make sure the micro-needle can penetrate your skin.
After treatment, you should wash and dry up the rolled part.

Only for personal use, don’t share with another person.
Before using the skin roller, you should wash your hands and other parts.
Skin with wound should not use this roller.
Be careful if the client is allergic to metal.
Irritating cosmetics is forbidden before the skin recovery
Put where the children can’t touch.
DO NOT USE if the following symptoms occur:
Purulent inflammation of the skin.
Severe atopic dermatitis.
If you suffer from diabetes and severe hypertension.
If you are not sure about your skin condition please consult a doctor before using.