Ice Cooling Globes Facial Massage

$39.90 $49.90

A facial massage with the Ice Globes is a relaxing and cooling experience that will not only encourage better blood circulation and oxygenate the skin, it will also help to shrink pores, heal, and renew skin.

The Ice Globe Facial Massager will work most effectively with serums already on your skin, helping them to massage your facial tissue and in turn allow your skin to better absorb the key active ingredients from your skincare routine with the ergonomic design.


  • Removes under-eye darkness & puffiness
  • Eliminates redness, reduces pigmentation & shrinks pores
  • Stimulates circulation and oxygenates the skin
  • Soothes sinus pain, headaches, and muscle tension
  • Takes your at-home spa experience to the next level
  • Accelerates product absorption
  • Stays cold during massage after being placed in the fridge for only 10 minutes. Please do NOT place Ice Globes in freezer